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From the Chief Editor
Pavel Aleksandrovich Minakir From the Chief Editor 4-5
Pavel Aleksandrovich Minakir,
Alexander Nikolaevich Demyanenko
Spatial Economics: The Evolution of Approaches and Methodology 6-32
Natalia Evgenevna Antonova Forest Policy: Theory and Application 33-52
Olga Grigorievna Ivanchenko,
Irina Nikolayevna Kuzminova
Financial Strategy of Enterprises: Formulation and Results over 2000—2009 (the Khabarovsk Territory’s example) 53-73
Ekaterina Leonidovna Motrich Transformation of Migration Flows Between the Russian Far East and CIS and non-CIS States 74-95
Tuyana Ocharovna Bayanova Comparative Ratings of the Socio-Economic Development of the Regional Municipal Units 96-107
Elena Lvovna Lee,
Alexander Nikolaevich Demyanenko
The Amur Expedition in 1910: An Experience of Statistical and Economic Surveys of Cossack and Peasant Farms in the Amur Region 125-133
Larissa Victorovna Chaika Features of the Power Industry Technological Structure in Russia’s Northern Regions 134-153
Zorikto Bato-Dugarovich Dondyukov,
Leonid Vasilyevich Potapov
Problems of Financing Water Protection and Water Management Activities in the Republic of Buryatia 153-160
Alexander Nikolaevich Demyanenko,
Lyubov Alexandrovna Dyatlova
Russia's Geopolitical Economy (on the book by G.D. Gloveli «Russia's Geopolitical Economy: From the Discussions about its Uniqueness to Global Models (19th century – the first third of the 20th century)») 161-177
Current News
Olga Valeryevna Dyomina,
Alexey Andreevich Novitskiy
Green Energy Forum — 2010 178-182
Natalia Valentinovna Lomakina MINEX — 2010 Conference in Khabarovsk 183-184

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