This Procedure regulates the process of expert evaluation of manuscripts (general provisions, the reviewers’ composition, the review process, the review deadline).

1. General provisions

1.1. Publication of articles in the academic journal "Spatial Economics" implies reviewing the submitted manuscripts for their expert evaluation.

1.2. Submitted articles that meet the requirements presented on the website of the journal "Spatial Economics" (For the Authors) and correspond to the journal’s thematic profile are registered and subjected to double-blind review.

1.3. A decision to accept or reject the article, or the need to upgrade it depends on the review.

1.4. The editors send to the authors copies of reviews or reasoned refusals.

1.5. The editorial board and staff reserve the right to reject articles that do not meet the journal’s requirements.

1.6. The editors are not obligated to review all incoming material and do not enter a discussion with the authors of rejected manuscripts.

1.7. Reviews are kept by the editors for 5 years.

1.8. The editors send copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in case of the relevant request.

2. Reviewers’ composition

2.1. Reviewers are the members of the editorial board and staff; in some cases the review process involves external reviewers, which academic specialization corresponds to the subject of the manuscript.

2.2. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of the reviewed materials and have publications on the subject of peer-reviewed articles within the last 3 years.

3. Review process

3.1. The main purpose for the review is informative expert assessment of the manuscripts’ quality according to the following criteria:

• the article’s compliance with the journal’s thematic focus;
• the genre of the material can be review, results of original scientific research, description of experiment, etc.;
• the content complies with the stated subject;
• clear statement of purpose and objectives of the study;
• logic of the text;
• validity and persuasiveness of arguments;
• the findings’ compliance with the content of the material, name of article and research objectives;
• the article must reflect the advances in the mentioned sphere of science over the last 10 years;
• the novelty of the author’s results and findings in comparison with existing academic studies;
• redundancy or lack of factual and illustrative material; in case of detailed maps – content and legend’s compliance with the essence of the study;
• structure rationality of the text;
• the accuracy of terms adopted in the mentioned sphere of science;
• results and conclusion’s confirmation by research findings;
• papers should be written in academic voice;
• availability and correct use of references.

3.2. In conclusion, the reviewer can offer the following options:

• recommend the article to be published;
• reject it;
• offer the author to modify (rework) material (preferably, indicating the focus of rework) for possible publication in the journal "Spatial Economics";
• another reasoned solution, including recommendation for publication in another journal.

3.3. Reviews are certified in the manner prescribed in the institution where the reviewer works.

3.4. In case of rejected publication, the editors send to the author a reasoned refusal.

3.5. The article which is not recommended for publication by the reviewer can’t be re-reviewed. The negative review is sent to the author by e-mail, fax or regular mail.

3.6. The edited version of the article prepared for publication is submitted to the author for approval. A corrected version of the article is returned to the editors by e-mail within 2-3 days of receipt by the author.

4. Review deadline

The review period is 1 month.

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