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Alexander Grigorievich Granberg August Losch’s Ideas in Russia 5-22
Oleg Vasilyevich Inshakov,
Daniil Petrovich Frolov
Economic Space and Spatial Economics (Reflection on the New Economic Journal) 23-32
Valery Anatolyevich Kryukov,
Anastasia Egorovna Sevastianova,
Vladimir Vitalievich Shmat
Problems of Choosing irections for Economy iversification of an Oil-And-Gas Territory 33-44
Elena Ibragimovna Devaeva,
Vladimir Evgenevich Popov,
Olga Mikhailovna Prokapalo
Economic Situation for the Far-Eastern Federal istrict for 2005 45-62
Alexander Nikolaevich Demyanenko,
Vadim Nikolayevich Ukrainskiy
Debatable Issues of the Theory and Practice of Regional Strategic Management 63-78
Lyudmila Ivanovna Vlasyuk Study of the Russian Far East’s Economy on the Basis of Input-Output Tables 79-90
Vladimir Yurievich Malov,
Valentina Danilovna Ionova
Development Problems of the Regions of Russia’s Asian Part in Early 21st Century (some extracts from M.K. Bandman’s scientific heritage) 120-135
Egor Leonidovich Domnich The Analysis of Scale Effects in the Chinese Economy in 1985–2003 136-154
Irina Anatolyevna Gareeva Compulsory Medical Insurance and Health Status of the Population 155-166
Vasily Vyacheslavovich Khmelnitskiy Consumer Preferences of the Population as to Ways of Traveling (Khabarovsk case) 167-173
Efim Yakovlevich Frisman From Exhaustive Natural Resources Use to Balanced evelopment (on the book «Environmental Management in the Russian Far East and Northeast Asia: Integration and Sustainable evelopment Potential») 174-180
Current News
Lyudmila Ivanovna Vlasyuk 8th Conference-Competition of Young Scientists and Postgraduates 182

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