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Evgeny Vsevolodovich Balatskiy,
Alexander Borisovich Gusev
Capital Megacity Syndrome in the Russian Economic Space 5-25
Tatyana Petrovna Skufyina Russia’s Regional Development in the Context of Global Processes 26-39
Elena Ibragimovna Devaeva,
Aleksandr Pavlovich Goryunov,
Tatyana Evgenevna Kotova
Spatial Distribution of the Effects of Russia’s WTO Accession: Foreign Trade Aspect 40-51
Vladimir Evgenevich Popov Capital in the Russian Far East’s Economy 52-67
Yin Jianping Basic Conditions of Economic Cooperation and Joint Development of the Russian Far East and Northeast China 68-78
Vladimir Lvovich Rimer Formation of the Regional Development Innovation Tools 79-87
Alexander Solomonovich Sheingauz Forest Development and Forest Resource Consumption in the Russian Far East up to the Mid 19th Century 105-122
Sergey Nikolaevich Leonov,
Tatiana Vasilievna Leonova
Methodic Issues of Assessment of the Regional Management Information Base when Switching from «All-Russian Classifier of Economy Branches» to «All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity» 123-132
Boris Khananovich Krasnopolskiy Organization of Economic Activities of Indigenous Population of the North: State of Alaska Experience 133-146
Dmitry Aleksandrovich Izotov Evaluation of China’s Experience of Aligning Regional Differentiation by Transfer Policy Measures 147-159
Vasily Vyacheslavovich Khmelnitskiy Studying Geospace in Terms of Transport Networks Development (on S.A. Tarkhov’s monograph «Developmental Morphology of Transport Networks») 160-164
Oleg Markovich Renzin Financial Strategies for the Far East (the Region’s Standpoint) 165-171
Current News
Anna Borisovna Bardal 16th Northeast Asia Economic Forum 173-175
Alexey Andreevich Novitskiy 8th Workshop under the Project «Asian Energy Security» 176-178

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