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From the Chief Editor
Pavel Aleksandrovich Minakir From the Chief Editor 7-9
Lyudmila Ivanovna Vlasyuk,
Artem Gennadyevich Isaev
The Factor Mobility in the Russian Economy 10-27
Natalya Petrovna Ryzhova Spatial Effects of International Economic Integration (in the case of Russian Regions) 28-48
Dmitry Alexandrovich Izotov The Foreign Trade of Domestic and External Sectors of the Chinese Economy 49-66
Alina Nikolaevna Novopashina Foreign Direct Investment from China in the Regions of Russia: Are They Substitutes or Compliments of Foreign Trade? 67-86
Vadim Nikolaevich Ukrainsky Methodological Pluralism in the Study of the Economic Space 87-109
Sergey Sergeevich Zack The Experience of Learning the Marketability in the USSR 110-126
Anna Vasilyevna Belousova The Inter-Regional Cooperation: the Impact on the Regional Economy (Khabarovsk Krai) 127-137
Alexander Nikolaevich Demyanenko,
Nikolay Alexandrovich Demyanenko
The Experience of Quantitative Evaluation of Bioclimatic Conditions for the Regional Strategy Objectives (on the Example of the Russian Far East) 138-154
Grigory Isakovich Sukhomirov,
Alexey Semyonovich Shelepa
Long-Term Agricultural Development Problems of the Russian Far East 155-165
Michael Yuryevich Havinson Economics and the Natural Sciences: the Horizon of the Modern Dialogue (to the article of Jean-Philippe Bouchaud «Economics Needs a Scientific Revolution») 166-171
Current News
Economic Research Institute FEB RAS Сongratulation to Pavel Minakir 172
Natalia Valentinovna Lomakina MINEX – Russia – Russian Far East – 2012 173-175
Alexander Pavlovich Goryunov APEC–2012: Discussions in the Economic Research Institute FEB RAS 175-180
Boris Khananovich Krasnopolskiy Problems and Prospects of Russia’s Integration in the Asia-Pacific Region: Assessment According to the Results of the APEC Summit in Vladivostok 180-182
Dmitry Alexandrovich Izotov The International Scientific Conference «The Cooperation Between the Russian Far East and the North-East of China: Opportunities and Challenges» 182-184
Yana Valeryevna Dyomina 21st Annual NEAEF Conference 184-186
  Index of articles and papers published in 2012 187-190

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