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Title of the article Structural Factors of Regional Dynamics: Measuring and Assessment
Pages 11-32
Author 1 Nadezhda Nikolaevna Mikheeva
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Deputy Chairman.
Council for the Study of Productive Resources
7 Vavilov St., Moscow, Russia, 117997
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Abstract Methods of assessment of contribution of structural factors as level of production and employment diversification in the economic growth of regions are considered. On the basis of shift-share analysis dynamics and structural transformations of employment, gross regional product and industrial production in Russian regions is carried out. It is shown that dynamics of regional production was defined mainly by national trends, the positive contribution of structural shifts to growth of gross regional product and industrial production was low. Change in diversification of production in regions for 2000-2011 is quantitatively estimated. It is shown that in most cases diversification is a factor of stable growth, but the highest rates provide regions with high level of specialization
Code 338.24(571.62)
DOI 10.14530/se.2013.1.011-032
Keywords ♦ structure of economy of the region ♦ modernization ♦ diversification ♦ specialization ♦ shift- share analysis ♦ diversification coefficients ♦ employment ♦ gross regional product ♦ economic growth
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For citation Mikheeva N.N. Structural Factors of Regional Dynamics: Measuring and Assessment. Prostranstvennaya Ekonomika = Spatial Economics, 2013, no. 1, pp. 11-32. DOI: 10.14530/se.2013.1.011-032. (In Russian).
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