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Title of the article Between Theory and Practice (on the Monograph of V.I. Ishayev, V.V. Ivanter, D.B. Kuvalin ‘Economy of the Far East and Baikal Region: A National Approach’)
Pages 172-187
Author 1 Alexander Nikolaevich Demyanenko
Doctor of geography, professor, chief researcher
Economic Research Institute FEB RAS
153, Tikhookeanskaya Street, Khabarovsk, Russia, 680042
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Abstract The article presents the reviewer’s opinion about the monograph of V.I. Ishayev, V.V. Ivanter and D.B. Kuvalin «Economy of the Far East and Baikal Region: a National Approach». As the monograph’s merit the reviewer marks the thesis about the Eastern territories’ transformation into one of the main ways of accelerating of socio-economic dynamics of Russia in general. As the main drawback the reviewer notes the lack of analysis of theoretical and methodological problems of regional development, which is a reflection of destructive stereotypes in the theory and practice of regional strategic planning. The monograph also suffers from limited bibliography.
Code 338
DOI 10.14530/se.2016.3.172-187
Keywords state economic policy ♦ state program ♦ long term prospects ♦ macro-region ♦ Far East ♦ Baikal region
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For citation Demyanenko A.N. Between Theory and Practice (on the Monograph of V.I. Ishayev, V.V. Ivanter, D.B. Kuvalin ‘Economy of the Far East and Baikal Region: A National Approach’). Prostranstvennaya Ekonomika = Spatial Economics, 2016, no. 3, pp. 172-187. DOI: 10.14530/se.2016.3.172-187. (In Russian).
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