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From the Chief Editor
Pavel Aleksandrovich Minakir From the Chief Editor 4
Natalia Valentinovna Lomakina Mineral Sector of the Russian Far East: Potential and Development Prospects 5-20
Evgeny Borisovich Kovrigin,
Denis Vladimirovich Suslov
Free Trade Agreements as a Foreign Trade Policy Tool of Japan in Early 21st Century 21-42
Alexander Nikolaevich Demyanenko,
Dmitry Aleksandrovich Izotov
Spatial Organization of Chinese Economy and Economic Zoning Issue 43-61
Svetlana Alexandrovna Suknyova Migration Processes in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 62-77
Natalia Evgenevna Antonova Research on the Economy of the Far East’s Forest Sector and Forest Policy in A.S. Sheingauz’s Works 88-95
Dmitry Fedorovich Efremov A.S. Sheingauz’s Heritage in Forestry and Tasks for its Development 96-108
Vladimir Pavlovich Karakin Towards Sustainable Forest And Natural Resources use in the Russian Far East 109-117
Alexander Solomonovich Sheingauz Developing Far East’s Forests and Using their Efficiency from Mid 19th to Mid 20th Century 118-146
Grigory Sergeevich Ognevenko Market Reforms in Electric Power Industry of Small States: Chile’s Experience Reviews 147-162
Alexander Nikolaevich Demyanenko From Dynamic Spatial Industrial Systems to Territorial Economic Structures (on P. Ya. Baklanov’s Book «Territorial Economic Structures in Regional Management») 163-172
Current News
Natalia Evgenevna Antonova To the Anniversary of Professor A.S. Sheingauz 173-175
Iosif Faitelevich Volfson,
Natalia Valentinovna Lomakina
International Conference «Mineral Base for Ferrous, Alloying and Nonferrous Metals of Russia and Cis Countries: Problems and Development Trends» 175-177

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