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From the Chief Editor
Pavel Aleksandrovich Minakir From the Chief Editor 7-10
Nadezhda Nikolaevna Mikheeva Structural Factors of Regional Dynamics: Measuring and Assessment 11-32
Natalia Gennadyevna Zakharchenko,
Olga Valeryevna Dyomina
The Role of the Energy Sector in Regional Economy: Estimating Multiplicative Effects 33-54
Eugene Moiseevich Buchvald Innovative Development of Regions: the Role of Decentralization of Power 55-71
Natalia Petrovna Ryzhova The Role of Institutions in International Economic Integration 72-88
Alexander Nikolaevich Demyanenko Vladimir Pavlovich Bezobrazov (1828-1889): the Forerunner of the Russian Regional Economy 89-102
Pavel Aleksandrovich Minakir,
Olga Mikhailovna Prokapalo
The Russian Federation State Program «Socio-Economic Development of the Far East and the Baikal Region» 103-122
Leonid Eduardovich Limonov,
Artur Ruslanovich Batchaev
St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region: Interaction, Problems, Coordination of the Metropolitan Area Development 123-135
Yana Valeryevna Dyomina Estimating Trade Effects of the Competitive Devaluation Policy in East Asia’s Countries 136-143
Alexander Nikolaevich Demyanenko Mesoeconomics... Is Now About Development (Notes on the Margins of the Book «Mesoeconomics of Development») 144-170
Current News
  70 Years Anniversary of B.Kh. Krasnopolsky 171-171
Ekaterina Olegovna Skripnik The 15th Regional Competition-Conference of Young Scientists 172-174
Natalia Evgenyevna Antonova Dialogue between Russian and Japanese Scientists: the Continuing Story 175-177
Oleg Markovich Renzin Integrating Research of Societal Spaces (on the Summit of Execution of the Program № 31 of the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium) 178-181
Olga Valeryevna Dyomina Energy Cooperation in Asia: Risks and Barriers 182-186
Mikhail Mikhailovich Potanin Imperfect Markets, New Economic Geography and Spatial Economics 187-190

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