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From the Chief Editor
Pavel Aleksandrovich Minakir Shocks and Institutions: The Paradoxes of Russian Crisis 7-13
Irina Pavlovna Gurova Multidimensional Model of the Eurasian Economic Integration 14-29
Olga Valeryevna Dyomina,
Pavel Aleksandrovich Minakir
Differentiation of Electricity Prices: Role of Space and Institutions 30-59
Marina Andreyevna Giltman Wages’ Impact on Employment in the Extreme North of Russia 60-80
Yana Valeryevna Dyomina The Prospects of Creating an Optimum Currency Area among Asean Countries 81-98
Vasiliy Anatolyevich Rudyakov The Bank of Russia’s Policy under Crisis: Prejudices or Honest Mistakes? 99-114
Leonid Markovich Grigoryev,
Alexander Valeryevich Golyashev,
Eugenia Vasilyevna Buryak,
Anna Andreevna Lobanova,
Vera Petrovna Kulpina
Economic Recession and Consumer Prices in Russia 115-131
Anna Borisovna Bardal Transport Services Market of North-East Asia: Trends and Prospects 132-162
Marina Yuryevna Malkina On the Issue of Weighting in Interregional Studies (in Response to K.P. Gluschenko) 163-184
Current News
Maria Anatolyevna Gritsko 18th Regional Competition-Conference of Young Scientists аnd Postgraduates 185-188

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